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We will work with NDA for a healthy Telangana’

Talking to The Hindu party MLA K. Tarakarama Rao said their government would try to forge a harmonious relationship with the Centre. Probed further if the TRS would extend an issue-based support to the Central government, he said they would work in a congenial and cordial atmosphere with the Centre in the interest of the four crore people of the State.

He said the mandate is for the next five years and that it is imperative they work in league with the Central government. “People’s mandate has been for us and for them too. Therefore, we need to work together,” he elaborated. He said the political and ideological differences would not come in the way of working together.

“We will be supportive of the Centre and we are expecting a reciprocal gesture from the Central government for the newly-created Telangana State,” he said adding they have mutual respect for the Central government.

He found fault with the previous UPA government for announcing special State status to Seemandhra only. He felt Telangana should have been given the special status as well. “We will make an appeal to the NDA to grant special State status to Telangana also,” he said.

He, however, denied that the TRS government will have any problem working with the residuary Andhra Pradesh government. “We will work with the TDP government. People have given us a mandate in Telangana, and they have given the mandate to TDP there (Seemandhra),” he said.

Courtesy: The Hindu


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