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Survey data to help design better welfare plans: K T Rama Rao

The recent Intensive Household Survey will go a long way in ensuring that the Telangana government departments have accurate databases, the lack of which have been plaguing them for long.


Land allotments, building permissions, water and electricity services and the house numbering service need to be organised.

“Perfect data should be available to understand the needs of the people and to design the welfare schemes that suit them,” said panchayat raj and IT minister K.T. Rama Rao.

Accurate data will be useful for better revenue administration, inclusion of the urban poor, emergency response and disaster management and also citizen-civic engagement.

“The new state has many challenges and opportunities. We have a big agenda and lofty goals. We are a very urban state, with 39 per cent of the population living in urban areas. We have unique problems and challenges.

We made a fresh beginning and we are confident of solving the problems. The major challenge ultimately is of the government getting its act together so that it functions as one entity with each and every department in the know,” the minister added.

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