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KCR to visit Mothe to fulfil promise

On June 5, 2001, on the occasion of world environment day, TRS president K Chandrasekhar Rao visited the dusty village of Mothe in Nizamabad district. While there, he picked up 10 kilos of soil and promised to mix it in the village tank once the dream of separate Telangana is realised.

The visit was prompted by the resolution taken by Mothe’s village development committee (VDC) in favour of a separate Telangana in May 2001. Significantly, it was the first village body to pass such a resolution after the formation of TRS. Thirteen years later, Telangana state is a reality and Chandrasekhar Rao is all set to return to the village on March 28 to fulfill his promise.

When some members of VDC met KCR at Telangana Bhavan recently, the latter agreed to visit Mothe to fulfill his vow, VDC secretary Ganga Reddy said. The TRS president also promised to allocate Rs 5 crore for the development of the village if the TRS comes to power in Telangana state.

Enugu Narsaiah, who had played a vital role in unanimously passing the T resolution, told TOI that after the VDC passed the resolution, some committee members went to Karimnagar to meet KCR and invited him to visit Mothe. Impressed by their fervour, the TRS chief visited the village on world environment day and launched his election campaign from the village. [TOI]


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