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KCR Keeps His Word, Gives Boons to Mothe

K Chandrasekhar Rao, who had floated the TRS around that time with the sole agenda of achieving T State, visited the non-descript village of Mothe in Velpur mandal of Nizamabad district to thank the village panel for their support.

Mothe villagers had unanimously supported the TRS, a fledgling party then, and saw it emerge victorious in Kamareddy division of the district in local bodies elections. It was from this tiny village the slogan—Telangana for our self-respect— emerged, inspiring lakhs of Telanganites for more than a decade.

Inspired by the unwavering determination, the pink party chief had taken a handful of soil from the crossroads in the village and carried it in a sack with him saying it will be his inspiration for the long struggle ahead. He swore on the soil that he will return the soil to the village only after he achieved Telangana state.

On Friday, when Rao stepped out of the helicopter on the outskirts of Mothe, to return the soil he had taken from the village nearly 13 years ago, it was an emotional moment for him. Tied in a silk cloth, he carried the sack of soil on his head and went in a procession to the place from where he took the soil. The village committee has decided to build a memorial at the place to remind what Mothe had contributed to the Telangana movement.

Addressing a large gathering on the occasion, Rao in an emotion-choked voice declared, “Mothe is dear to me and close to my heart and remains an inspiration for me forever.’’ Thanking each and every villager for their unwavering faith in him and steady support, Rao said whenever he had any doubts on the arduous struggle of achieving separate Telangana state with odds against him, he always used to look at the sack full of soil from Mothe and get inspired again. ‘’It infused me with strength and determination to fight for Telangana,’’ he said.

He promised to bring Godavari waters to Mothe for irrigating the lands and quenching the thirst of the people. ‘’Acres and acres of lands will get irrigated. There will be greenery all around with bumper crops to harvest,’’ he said.

Pointing at the turmeric cultivation in the area, he assured the villagers that he would set up a turmeric research station with a refinery. He also said a sugarcane research unit will be set up there.

TRS chief also announced that the first housing colony by Telangana state government will be constructed in Mothe village.

Promise Fulfilled

■ The TRS chief who picked up soil from the village 13 years ago, promised to return the same once the dream of separate Telangana is realised

■ He is back in the village to fulfil his promise by carrying the sack of soil on his head

■ He showered several incentives on the village


Courtesy:(The New Indian express)


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