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BJP has ‘committed suicide’ in Andhra Pradesh: TRS



BJP’s alliance with TDP has not gone well with the party

Upset with the BJP for forging an electoral alliance with TDP in Telangana and Seemandhra, Telangana Rashtra Samiti on Friday said the saffron party had “committed suicide” in Andhra Pradesh.

“Narendra Modi has shot himself in the foot in Andhra Pradesh by aligning with a man called (N) Chandrababu Naidu, who is a discredited leader. BJP and Narendra Modi have committed suicide in Andhra Pradesh. Only Lord Rama can save them,” TRS party leader and MLA K T Rama Rao said.

On post-poll alliance, Mr Rao, son of TRS supremo K Chandrasekhar Rao, said the choice for it is not essentially limited to NDA and UPA government, indicating that it may sail with the third front.

“We do see the possibility of us winning a significant number of Lok Sabha seats as well which should allow us to play a key role in Delhi (formation of government),” Mr Rao said.

Asked if the TRS would support UPA or NDA, he said he does not think it’s a bipolar country.

“I don’t see through the prism of bipolar political system. I don’t think the choice is essentially between the two coalitions that you mentioned. I don’t think the choice is only between UPA and NDA,” he said.

Realignment and lot of changes would happen post-poll, he said.

“No matter what happens, TRS will play a crucial role (in the formation of the government),” he claimed.

On whether TRS is betting on third front to come to power, KTR said: “I am not betting on third front or fourth front. Anything could happen. We have our options open.

Whatever is in the interest of Telangana, definitely we will do that.”

TRS has fought in all the 119 Assembly and 17 Lok Sabha constituencies in Telangana on its own.

Courtesy: THE HINDU


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