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Government will replicate Kerala model, says KTR

The Telangana government is trying to replicate the Kerala model for protection and welfare of those who migrated to the Gulf in search of employment, says Panchayat Raj Minister K. Taraka Rama Rao.


In an interview to The Hindu , the Minister said that he would be visiting Dubai on December 13 and 14 to study the plight of Gulf immigrants from Telangana and also hold consultations with the officials and others. What are the measures being taken for the safety of Gulf immigrants and bringing bodies of those who die there?

The Gulf immigrants’ problem is genuine as innocent gullible rural masses from Telangana are migrating in search of employment. We are planning to implement the Kerala model for the protection and safety of Gulf immigrants. We will also post Telugu-speaking officials at all the embassies in the foreign nations.

Will the government set up a separate department to monitor safety and welfare of Gulf immigrants?

We are very serious about their welfare. We had also represented to the Union government on several occasions. Presently, we are short of officials as the central government had not allocated officials to Telangana State.

How will you monitor the safety of Gulf immigrants?

Firstly, we need to enumerate details of Gulf immigrants and maintain a data bank for taking necessary action. Instructions have been issued to officials concerned already.

Are there any plans for the rehabilitation of Gulf immigrants, who returned in the recent past?

The government will definitely rehabilitate them. I will take the matter to the notice of Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao.

What action would be initiated against the fake travel agents who were cheating the gullible rural masses promising lucrative jobs in Gulf nations?

The respective district administrations are already taking necessary steps and educating the people about the fake travel agents. But, still a majority of them are migrating through their friends and relatives.


Courtesy : The Hindu


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